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Aldwikat Real Estate

Aldwikat Real Estate

Services Brokerage services - Selling & buying properties - Consultancy & investment services - Real Estate marketing services - Feasibility studies services
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Establishment Date: 03/05/1986
Address: Jordan - Dabouq – Beside Cozmo center - P.O. Box :
General Manager: Laith Awad Dwiakt
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  Twitter: @Aldwikat_REIA

About Aldwikat Real Estate

Aldwikat Real Estate

Aldwiakt Real Estate are more than real estate agents looking for real estate listings. We are a dedicated team of truly passionate, property professionals who understand our clients’ needs and wants. When making property decisions that impact your family now and in the future, you need a Premium property partner. We understand that your home is an important part of your life, it houses your family, it’s where memories are made and it provides for your future. For over thirty years Aldwiakt Real Estate has been building a wealth of experience and knowledge in the high-value, luxury property market. Aldwiakt Real Estate specialises in the finest coastal, lifestyle, luxury and executive real estate in Joradan.

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Aldwikat Real Estate
Aldwikat Real Estate
Dabouq – Beside Cozmo center

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